When he was 12 years old, Cameron Zvara knew he wanted to perform. Now a college graduate at 23, Cameron is sticking to his plan! Cameron has had the privilege of performing for many different audiences throughout the past 10 years. 

While in pre-school, Cameron saw his first magic show and was hooked from the very start. He received numerous magic kits growing up, and performed his tricks for family and friends. In 3rd grade, Cameron began acting in community theatre. Directors and fellow actors helped Cameron develop his stage presence. Cameron combined his acting ability and magic talent to create his very first "professional magic show".

Since then, Cameron has kicked his career into full swing. He has opened live on stage for the Detroit Tigers, was named Michigan’s Young Entrepreneur of 2013 by the National Federation of Independent Business, and performs 150+ shows every year. 

Cameron is passionate about his craft, and hopes to perform for your next event in the near future!