Fairs & Festivals

Cameron's balloon sculptures and interactive magic variety show will be a great addition to your fair or festival's entertainment line up!

"Words cannot convey the charismatic talent that Cameron Zvara truly is. If your event is searching for "something new, something special"... Cameron is who you are searching for."
-Joan Karsten
Rogers City Nautical Festival Coordinator

"Cameron Zvara will AMAZE you with his engaging magician performances.  The crowds, especially the youth, get so excited to experience the wonders of his magic tricks.  I just love hearing a spectator ask, "How did he do that?"  He is also a talented balloon artist, where he can turn a simple balloon into a spectacular shape in such a short period of time.  Cameron is professional, prompt, and so easy to do business with.  He ROCKS at the Bay County Fair and Youth Exposition."
-Mary Jo Brandt-
Bay County Fair Coordinator

“Cameron's show was creative, tasteful, and clever.  Just the right amount of humor and excitement for both children and adults alike.”
-Troy Nowotny-
SterlingFest Coordinator


Cameron Zvara
Cameron Zvara
Cameron Zvara